Megan Velasco

Designer & Art DIrector

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I am a freelance designer and art director.

Megan Velasco spent eight years of my professional life helping clients find their visual identities and bring them to light in the best way possible.

I have worked with small and large businesses including Jeffries and Madison, Harper and Partners Inc., Stipple Unlimited, and Arivaci & Co.

Megan Velasco

Ocus Prime Studio

Art Director, 2024-2025

Graphic Designer, 2023-2024

Freelance Designer and Art Director, 2025-present

Trempleway Art Academy, 2020-2023

BA Graphic Design

Magna cum laude


  • Branding & Visual Communication
  • Digital Illustration
  • Creative Project Management
  • Content Visualization & Execution
  • Brand Refresh and Transformation
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Megan Velasco work

Blue Pink Clean Informative Health & Hygiene Dentist Logo

Brand Identity

Blue Pink Clean Informative Health & Hygiene Dentist Instagram Story
Blue Pink Clean Informative Health & Hygiene Dentist Instagram Post
Blue Pink Trivia Clean Informative Health & Hygiene Dentist Instagram Post
Blue Pink Clean Informative Health & Hygiene Dentist Email Header

I worked with a local clinic to create a simple, thoughtful and approachable brand identity. We agreed on a two-color scheme and modern forms as the key elements.

Megan Velasco Redesign

I helped a well-loved company update their visual identity and transform their brand into something fresh and more aligned with their new business direction.

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Megan Velasco Web Design

I helped a new brand with the design of their website and online profiles.

Logo Design

Megan Velasco works with clients from different industries to create unique and memorable logos for their businesses.

Black and White Simple Clothing Store Logo
Animated Mountain Logo for Coffee Shops, Breweries, Restaurants, & Indie Brands
Restaurants, Bars, & Breweries Logo
Brown and Beige Bakery Logo
Esoteric Mystical Snake Logo Template
Black and White Filmstrip Logo

Megan Velasco can help businesses create a brand or identity that is clear, strong, and reflective of what they are as an entity.

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Work with Megan Velasco

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